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Tips in Buying a Whole Home Generator

The benefits that you can get by having a generator is very clear. It allows you to use your home appliances when the power is down by providing you a source of electricity. Even when the weather may be bad outside, you can make your home a little comfortable still.

But buying a whole home generator entails more than just picking one and paying it over the counter. Find below your guide in buying a whole home generator.

Your Guide in Buying a Whole Home Generator

Home generators run in terms of the power they can generate, which is measured in watts. That means their power is determined by how many appliances you can run at once through them. In order for you to be able to know which kind of generator to purchase, you need to have a clear idea on how many watts you need to use in operating your appliances. For instance, a refrigerator can run in 600 watts while a portable heater 1,500 watts. Basically, you do not live life as it is when there is a storm and run all of your luxury appliances at once. Begin setting up your priorities in order to identify the best kind of generator to purchase for your home.


Home generators come in three different types: standby generator, portable generator and inverter generator. The good thing with the standby generator is that once it is installed, it remains in its place permanently and it works automatically during an outage. However, you need to make sure you hire an expert to do the installation process. The portable generator, as the name implies, can be transferred to different places, depending on your need. You can also save energy with them. The advantage that the inverter generator can offer to you is that they work more efficiently than others. However, this kind of generator will be much more expensive than others.


Generators can be parted from each other in terms of the feature that they do have. Although you want all the features to be available in one generator, it seldom happen. That is the very reason why there is a need for you to make a pick among features and to identify the ones that you need best. Automatic start and multiple outlets are among the best features any home generator can possess and offer. Spare a bit of your time to do a research in order that you can be made aware of the different new features that home generators do offer.

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