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4 Different Types of Wheelchair Ramps

Those who have problems with their mobility might find restriction to be isolating. A lot of those who make use of devices such as scooters or wheelchairs find it quite difficult to see the true beauty of our surroundings and visit different places. Such challenges can even lead to problems navigating through their own house. The good thing is, there are wheelchair ramps available and they come in different types in order to meet the needs of everyone.

Here are the types that can help you out.

Number 1. Doorway – a threshold incline or doorway lets those who have restricted mobility to navigate in and out of the room. While it isn’t required, you may make use of two of these tools, one on the either side of door frame which makes it easier to roll out and roll in. Most of the time, you’ll find the inclines under three basic designs, the aluminum, rubber and Lego-style.

Number 2. Track ramps – if you wish to have a comfortable way of getting out, then this wheelchair ramp is proven to be useful. They’re made from sturdy aluminum which makes it lightweight and at the same time, portable. These said inclines also have nonskid surface so by that, the scooter or chair won’t roll up into another vehicle or any objects. And depending to the height of your car, you can adjust the height of the incline. In addition to that, the skids has a 10ft length extension. While such are great for those who need rolling equipment to get into their car, you should be mindful of that it can be quite difficult to prepare.

Number 3. Pathway inclines – it is so important to be able to navigate through the normal paths just what everyone else does. The pathway inclines let users to easily navigate paths that might have small steps. These might be permanent or temporary and the good news about that, it can range from 2ft to 10ft in length. They are working in areas with one or two steps and anything more than that will require longer runner.

Number 4. Suitcase – the name of this suitcase wheelchair ramp is followed right after a size of suitcase, which makes it ultra portable as well. They typically have handles on the side which makes it easier to carry. To those who do not have an access to handicap accessible ramps, they provide a temporary pathway for those who are out of hand. The great thing about these ramps is that, it’s made from aluminum and coupled with non slip surface.

Once you find ramps that you think is more beneficial for you, do a bit of more research to know what to expect from using it.

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