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Things to Look Out for Before Constructing a Log Home

Choosing a log house over the traditional stone houses shows that you are adventurous and not afraid to try different styles. Log homes bring a rustic feeling and cozy warmth into the equation. When you want to make a lasting impression on people’s minds, do it by building a formidable looking log house. Whether it is a simple log cabin or a magnificent log dwelling, log house are all the rage nowadays especially for people who are looking for something out of the ordinary. It is not an easy task to build a log house as it takes great skills and vast experience. Using builders who haven’t been in the industry for long will not augur well for you. There are some crucial factors that you need to follow to ensure a stress free building project. What are the criteria for building an excellent log residence?

The size and scope of the log house you want to build will greatly determine the cost of the project. It goes without saying that building a simple log cabin is very different in terms of cost to erecting a magnificent and sprawling log residence. If you have the financial ability, you only have to retain the services of a dependable builder. However, if you are on a tight budget, you have to scout for a builder whose rates match your budget or handle some of the tasks yourself.

To be able to retain heat and chase away the cold, log houses should be properly insulated. When you want to build an energy efficient log residence, you have to consider the ability of the logs to resist the flow of heat. This resistance is measured in terms of the R-value. A high R-value means that the log has high insulating power. Before selecting the logs, make sure that they have a high R rating.

Ensure that you are well versed with the building regulations and laws in the intended building area. Many regions have strict zoning laws that must be followed to the letter. It can be a huge challenge getting permissions to build a log house where there are no similar houses. Ask from the local authority of every permit and license that is mandatory before building. Investigate if the area has any code restrictions plus if there are any future development plans in place.

How you choose the builder will influence your success or failure. Make sure that the builder of your choice has enough experience in building similar homes. You wouldn’t want your log house to be the first project that the builder is handling. Finding a builder who is a member of the local homebuilders association or the log builders association would be an added bonus. It doesn’t hurt to visit the log houses that the builder has handled to get a feel of their prowess and skills.

In case you need hotel reservations, you always ask for recommendations, isn’t? Therefore, you should also ask for referrals when looking for a log house contractor. In addition, if you spot a log house that takes your breath away, you can politely ask the owner to refer you to the builder. In addition, you can check online reviews to find builders that are worth your time and money. These guidelines will help a great deal when choosing a log residence contractor.

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